The words “body issue” have a unique meaning to Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. The 25-year old was recently a cover-girl for ESPN the Magazine’s annual “Body Issue” where elite athletes are featured in nearly-nude photos highlighting their physiques. However, she also grew up with a number of insecurities about her appearance and is still overcoming related issues to this day.

“People don’t realize how bad my body issues were when I was a kid. I wore baggy clothes every day. There were days where I would like at myself in the mirror and cry, just looking at myself,” said an honest Rousey in a preview for an All-Access feature from Showtime. “It’s just stupid the way that women, especially in this country, are conditioned to hate how they look so they buy sh*t.”

Her admission was one of a handful of “real” moments featured in the two-minute clip including a glimpse at her humble living arrangements and remaining doubts about the amount of attention she’s received over the past year.

Rousey will defend her title for the first time when she faces Sarah Kaufman on August 18.

Check out the All-Access clip below: