There’s no question professional fighters are a different kind of breed. One of the many reasons why involves their ability to willfully injure the other, then shake hands and call it a day. Such a scenario seems set to unfold this weekend at UFC 150 when former training partners Melvin Guillard and Donald Cerrone clash in the event’s co-headliner. Neither has anything personal against the other and both are friendly, yet come showtime each will no doubt be out to win as impressively as possible.

“I hope I knock him out. I mean, he’s my buddy…I’ll pick him up and dust him off,” said Guillard in an interview with the UFC promoting Saturday night’s bout, adding, “My goal is to win but win impressively.”

When it comes to how their meeting will unfold Guillard is hoping Cerrone is on board with a battle aimed at pleasing the public rather than playing it safe en route to a decision.

“I really don’t even want it to be a technical fight. I want to turn it into an all-out brawl. I know that’s probably what the fans want to see and we can make it into a Fight of the Night,” suggested the 29-year old striker.

Check out the complete interview with Guillard below: