Less than a month removed from retirement, UFC Hall of Fame light heavyweight Tito Ortiz has begun reflecting on his career rather than concerning himself with what’s next. Ortiz spent fifteen years inside the Octagon where he won a championship, defended it a record number of times, and played a major role in MMA’s growth from an underground sport to a mainstream sensation.

Ortiz was recently asked to reveal what fight from his career was his favorite while a guest on MMA Uncensored Live. However, the former “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” had a hard time going with just one and instead had two responses on the matter.

“Of course me winning the world title against Wanderlei Silva,” began Ortiz before moving on to something more recent and apparently a bit more dear to his heart than divisional gold. “The most notable that I’ll never forget in my whole life was against Ryan Bader. To have everything against me…coming off of back surgery, coming off neck surgery…I had three more fights left that were worth a significant amount of money and everything could’ve been thrown away.”

“Everybody counted me out, everyone said I wasn’t going to do well. I think my son, my girlfriend, and two of my other friends were the ones saying, ‘Dad, you can win this.’ And I won it, did the ‘Gravedigger,’ and I don’t think there’s any other feeling (like that) in my life,” an emotional Ortiz concluded on the 2011 tilt, also his final win in the UFC.

The full interview with Ortiz can be seen below along with his response on who he’d like to see enshrined in the UFC Hall of Fame: