A number of names have been thrown around as of late in conjunction with serving as UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva’s next opponent. After an early run at the spot, the list of potential foes for the dynamic Brazilian has essentially been whittled down to three candidates – Chris Weidman, Georges St-Pierre, and Nick Diaz.

The unbeaten Weidman has emerged as one of the top threats in the middleweight division in after stopping Mark Munoz with strikes and showing an ongoing evolution in the Octagon, while longstanding welterweight champion St-Pierre has been teased as an adversary for Silva before based on his relative dominance, and Diaz is a dark-horse whose name piqued curiosity a week ago based on an open challenge he made to Silva.

However, it appears Diaz may not actually be an option after all without a major push from fans and/or Silva based on comments UFC President Dana White made to MMAJunkie after a press conference attached to Saturday night’s UFC on FOX 4 lineup.

“Nick Diaz makes no sense,” explained the always-candid White. “I know that sounds fun. Yeah! Throw Nick Diaz in there! If you really look at the thing, Nick Diaz just lost to Carlos Condit at 170, so that gives him the opportunity to move up to 185 and fight the pound-for-pound best in the world? In what (expletive) universe does that make sense?”

“(Cesar Gracie) would have a better chance of convincing me, I don’t know, to get hair plugs,” added the bald businessman, referring to Diaz’s manager/coach.

While White’s opinion could change, for now it looks like Weidman or St-Pierre have pulled ahead in the Silva sweepstakes where the Grand Prize is a probable beatdown from the best fighter MMA has ever seen.