Manager (and mouthpiece) Cesar Gracie has put to rest rumors that Nick Diaz expressed interest in a meeting with UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva in hopes of receiving a fast-track to a title-shot. According to Gracie, Diaz’s desire doesn’t involve divisional gold but rather an opportunity to prove himself in a huge fight against one of MMA’s truly elite competitors.

“Why Anderson? Because Anderson is a huge a name, and he’s talking the talk that we’re talking about. He’s talking about doing super-fights. He’s talking about fighting outside of his weight. He’s talking about the things that Nick’s been talking about, that Nick did when he was with Strikeforce, that Nick is into…that’s why,” explained Gracie in an interview with MiddleEasy, adding, “And he’s exciting, he’s a great fighter.”

“It’s not about the title. We don’t want a title. It could be at 185 and we don’t want the title,” continued Gracie. “Nick isn’t trying to be disrespectful to other great middleweights out there…this is about fighting, a super-fight.”

Gracie also clarified that the match-up Diaz truly wants is with Georges St-Pierre, but GSP’s forthcoming date with Carlos Condit has essentially ruled the possibility out for at least the immediate future.