Few fans can forget the fantastic fight between Bellator lightweights Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez last November. The bout saw Chandler emerge as divisional champion after more than four rounds of back-and-forth action eventually gave way to an evening-ending submission attempt.

In many organizations the outcome would have resulted in an immediate rematch considering how closely contested the fight was before the finish in addition to the entertainment value involved. However, Bellator’s contendership structure combined with only having a single scrap remaining on his deal have left Alvarez in a difficult position where he would have to sign a new contract, then win three tournament tilts, if hoping to get a second crack at Chandler.

Adding to the conundrum is the fact Chandler, who recently spoke about the issue on Rebellion MMA Radio, doesn’t appear interested in making an exception for Alvarez or helping him lobby for the Bellator brass to do so instead.

“I don’t need another fight. I can’t really ask for more than finishing somebody. Obviously it was a war and that’s the cool thing about fighting, you can call it a war, but at the end of the day if someone got finished it’s over,” said Chandler of another outing against Alvarez, adding, “It wasn’t like someone just got caught with something like a punch or a slick submission. It was me finishing a fight that could’ve gone either way if I was prepared to let it go the other way, but for my personal feelings I’m not interested in a rematch.”

“At this point I just want to fight who Bellator puts in front of me,” Chandler continued, talk turning to his future. “If Eddie stays with Bellator and everything goes according to that plan then I’m down to rematch obviously.”

Chandler’s next test will come against Rick Hawn later this year and then likely another non-title fight at some point while the organization crowns another top challenger in a fall tournament.