UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones recently came forward to reveal he was more concerned about top contender Dan Henderson’s power than wrestling. “Hendo”, who has held PRIDE and Strikeforce belts in the past, is known for being one of the few Mixed Martial Artists to truly blend consistent takedowns and ground control with the ability to knock an opponent out with a single blow when standing.

However, based on some comments from Henderson, it sounds like Jones could be overlooking some key elements to his game if he’s expecting a wild slugger in the Octagon rather than a seasoned competitor.

“My focus is to win every round, not to land the ‘H-Bomb’. I’ll make sure I win every round and if I hit him good along the way, hopefully it knocks him out,” said the 41-year old in an interview with ESPN.

On the topic of Jones as an adversary, Henderson seemed less impressed by “Bones” than most have been when asked to describe the title-holder’s talents.

“He’s young and sloppy a little bit. He still has a lot to learn, technically,” stated Henderson, adding he was completely confident in his ability to beat him and win the one golden strap of significance thus far eluding him in his career. “I’ll never go into a fight or accept a fight if I didn’t think I could beat the other guy up.”

Jones-Henderson are set to showdown on September 1 at UFC 151.