One of the many bonuses of training at Nova Uniao is the opportunity to work alongside some of MMA’s most talented fighters including phenomenal featherweight champion Jose Aldo. For Renan Barao, an immensely skilled scrapper himself, Aldo’s presence in his camp this time around has been a blessing based not only on his countryman’s expertise but experience as well.

Aldo beat Barao’s opponent at UFC 149, Urijah Faber, in a five-round affair two years ago under WEC’s banner.

“We had an excellent camp down here. We have an excellent strategy and obviously we benefitted from Aldo’s input,” said the 28-1 Barao during a conference call with media. “Aldo knows how Urijah fights, and he was also able to help us devise our strategy going in to make this camp, so thank God we had an excellent camp and we’ll be very ready for this fight.”

Faber, who was on the call, didn’t seem too concerned about Aldo’s input in terms of his own approach to beating Barao.

“He’s probably going to tell him to kick me in the leg, but I’m sure Barao was planning to kick me in the leg anyway,” joked Faber. “I’m stoked for a great fight. I really like the camp I’m fighting against. It’s kind of a fight pitting the two best light-weight camps in the world against each other, so I think we’ll take extra pride in that for sure.”

Fans can catch Faber-Barao battle it out on July 21 in the show’s main event. An interim title will be on the line while bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz heals up from a serious knee injury.