UFC welterweight Dong Hyun Kim suffered the second defeat of his career over the weekend at UFC 148 after a takedown by opponent Demian Maia mysteriously forced a referee’s stoppage. While some fans initially felt Kim’s rib had been injured, possibly even broken, by the impact of the landing, it appears the actual culprit involved a far less troublesome issue.

According to Kim’s manager/translator, the “Stun Gun” suffered a severe muscle spasm in what he labeled a “freak accident”.

“As they were tied up, somehow (Kim) got a muscle spasm in his side. He told his corner that something was wrong. Kim defended Maia’s takedown attempts for a while, but by the time they got to the other side of the Octagon, he was in too much pain. The position in which the injury happened is the kind that happens in training all the time, but for some reason, it caused a severe muscle spasm in this particular time,” explained Brian Rhee in a post on The Underground.

Kim is not expected to miss any additional time as a result of the condition.

The situation may have resulted in Kim’s second stumble in his last three outings, but with the loss coming by way of injury rather than from a performance-related matter it’s hard to fault the South Korean competitor for coming up short in the bout.