The final fight of Tito Ortiz’s career will be remembered for a number of things including his competitive desire and how close he came to beating Forrest Griffin, knocking his fellow former champion down on two separate occasions. However, unfortunately, it will also be remembered for Griffin’s strange behavior after the bout’s conclusion.

Griffin exited the Octagon before the scorecards had even been read and only returned after being instructed to by event officials. Were that not enough, shortly after the judges’ decision was unveiled, Griffin stole the spotlight by offering up an impromptu interview with the retiring Ortiz rather than let broadcaster Joe Rogan talk to the 37-year old icon.

UFC President Dana White was asked about Griffin’s antics during Fuel TV’s coverage of UFC 148 and was noticeably irritated by what he’d witnessed.

“Is this live? Yeah, okay…I said, ‘Are you out of your f*cking mind? What are you doing?’ I just grabbed him in the hallway back there too,” stated an animated White when asked what he’d said to Griffin to make him head back to the ring. “I just grabbed him and said, ‘What is your problem?’ He said, ‘I was upset and disappointed.’ I said, ‘Well, next time you’re upset and disappointed about winning, do it in the back.’ Stay in the Octagon. It’s like professional suicide. You leave the Octagon before the decision is called in the fight that you won? Are you out of your mind?”

“And then he grabs the mic and starts interviewing,” continued an upset White. “I’m not done talking to Forrest yet. Forrest and I are gonna talk some more. What he did tonight was ridiculous.”

Griffin’s explanation for leaving the cage involved his disgust at his own performance and inability to put away a winded Ortiz.

Watch the full interview with White below including commentary on Anderson Silva’s win over Chael Sonnen: