Last night didn’t mark the first time UFC light heavyweight Forrest Griffin fled from the Octagon after a bout’s conclusion but was definitely the only instance of him doing so before an outcome in the match-up had even been rendered. The fan-favorite and former champion ran out of the ring seconds after the final round of his co-headlining clash with Tito Ortiz and had to be steered back inside by event officials so scorecards could be read, leaving many to wonder about the root of his antics.

Griffin, who ultimately won a Unanimous Decision, spoke about his behavior in a post-fight interview on Fuel TV where he explained he wasn’t worried about losing but rather concerned with how he’d won.

“I was upset with my performance. I knew he had nothing and I still didn’t…he had nothing, I saw it in him…and I said, “Okay, I’m gon-…Oh my gosh, I don’t have anything either!’ People want to see fights finished. And a guy gasses, you have an opportunity to finish. It’s really about that discipline and that conditioning. I worked too hard to gas out,” said Griffin, noting that there was a two minute span in the third round where it was clear to him Ortiz was running on fumes.

As far as what’s next for Griffin, in standard self-deprecating style the original Ultimate Fighter dead-panned, “Well, there (are) still other old guys fighting,” indicating he no longer believes he can compete against fresher talent based on the outcome against Ortiz.

Watch the full interview with Griffin below where he also discusses being rocked by Ortiz and more: