It looks like UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem has taken the necessary steps to work his way back into the favor of UFC President Dana White after drawing the outspoken executive’s ire in relation to a failed drug test earlier this year. Overeem was scheduled to take on champion Junior dos Santos but ended up withdrawing from the fight based on testosterone use stemming from an anti-inflammatory mixture his doctor prescribed him.

White’s initial reaction was to label Overeem as a liar, saying he was “not a fan at all” of the 32-year old striker in an interview on the Jim Rome Show. However, based on comments White made to media after the conclusion of UFC 148, it appears he’s changed his tune on the devastating Dutchman.

“Nothing but respect for Alistair now,” explained White to a handful of outlets including MMAFighting while referring to a recent meeting with Overeem where the two discussed the fighter’s current status. “We all make mistakes and we all do stupid sh*t. I say this all the time. It’s all in how you handle yourself after. He handled himself like a f***ing stud.”

“He’s doing all the right things now,” White continued. “He’s fixing all the wrongs. We’ll see what happens.”

Overeem has come forward to announce his decision to undergo random drug testing every month leading up to December when he’s expected to get a green-light to be licensed in Nevada. He has also expressed hope in terms of fighting on the UFC’s traditional New Year’s Eve weekend event despite the short turnaround in time.