Call it unbiased analysis or the wishes of a man seeking a rematch with an opponent who outpointed him in controversial fashion, but when it comes to the headlining tilt between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, UFC middleweight Michael Bisping sees the challenger coming out on top. Bisping, who battled Sonnen in January and lost a decision many felt he deserved the nod in, recently weighed in on the title-fight scheduled for Saturday night where he broke down his belief that Sonnen is destined to become divisional champion.

“As well all know, styles make fights, and Chael Sonnen’s style as a fighter is a bad recipe for Anderson Silva,” began Bisping on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight.

“You have to be a madman to bet against Anderson Silva. The guy continues to win fights and every time he does it, it looks like something out of a video game,” he continued. “But if you look at the previous fight, Chael did very, very well for a long time. I believe the fact he did so well for so long is going to give Chael a lot of confidence. He’s gonna come into this fight very confident and that’s a big thing in a fight. Confidence is a huge thing. And I think it’s a bad style match-up and with the confidence I think Chael gets it done.”

Bisping is currently sidelined while recovering from a recent surgery to fix a knee injury but has stated in the past he feels he should get first crack at Sonnen if he comes away with the belt this weekend.

Check out his complete breakdown of the fight, as well as Kenny Florian’s take, below: