If any questions remained surrounding Anderson Silvas feelings towards Chael Sonnen they were answered today at a press conference promoting their headlining bout this Saturday night at UFC 148. Silva and Sonnen took numerous verbal shots at each other while responding to the crowd’s questions and came close to physical blows as well when asked to face off after the festivities had concluded.

“The game is over. The game is over. You guys will see on Saturday night what I’m talking about,” said Silva through translator Ed Soares. “He’s screwed.”

Silva was also quick to call Sonnen out based on past legal issues, as well as his use of testosterone, and even predicted a first-round finish. However, as heated as Silva’s words were they paled in comparison to his physical actions after the presser.

“The Spider” immediately went chest-to-chest with Sonnen, pushing him backwards on the stage, until UFC President Dana White and other officials intervened. Even then Silva continued to act aggressively towards Sonnen, swimming his way past the individuals in front of him to get in Sonnen’s face. After another 5-10 seconds of Silva trying to push past security his silver-tongued nemesis slinked off the stage to ease tensions.

Check out the complete presser below with things starting at about the 30:00 mark and the final minute containing the staredown: