It’s been a week since UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva unleashed a verbal tirade on chief rival Chael Sonnen during a conference call with media. Since then Sonnen has done little to back off the behavior initially driving Silva to snap, making it clear he has no reservations about upsetting “The Spider” or suffering his bite inside the Octagon as a result of it.

“I’ve always believed in answering questions honestly. There’s a part of fighting I greatly believe in: it’s called respect. I don’t manufacture conflict. I’m not saying things to sell a fight. My job is to show up in short pants and a mouthpiece and punch the other guy in the face,” explained Sonnen in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “If you want to make it a morality play, I’ll do it. In fact, I’ll speak to him about it Saturday night while running my fist up his prissy little self for 25 minutes to see where he’s at on that.”

As far as Silva’s reaction, who guaranteed Sonnen would need assistance to exit the eight-sided cage when they fight at UFC 148, the 35-year old Oregonian is not only unfazed by the threat but actually sees it as a good thing.

“I kind of expected it,” Sonnen stated on the topic of Silva’s anger before throwing another insult in the title-holder’s direction. “You idiot, Anderson, we signed up for a fistfight. I’ve been looking for this fight for two years, so that kind of stuff doesn’t work with me. Him talking like that? He’s singing my song.”

“I’m out picking a fight. I’m not offering any apology to anyone for that,” Sonnen continued. “He ducked me for four years before he had to fight me, and now he’s being forced into this again. I’m a volunteer army of one. This guy got drafted, and he’d like to duck the draft.”

Sonnen-Silva will see action in the main event this Saturday night. The bout marks a rematch of a 2010 tilt resulting in Silva barely retaining his belt by locking up a submission in the closing minutes of a match-up he was clearly losing on the scorecards leading up to the finish.