It may not have been the full three-episode treatment but anyone who tuned in last night to catch the episode of UFC Primetime attached to next weekend’s title-fight between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and fierce rival Chael Sonnen caught a telling glimpse of each man preparing for their UFC 148 headliner. While Sonnen certainly cracked a few jokes at Silva’s expense, for the most part the silver-tongued scrapper seemed solely focused on fulfilling a dream by hoisting the belt up over his head at the end of the evening.

“I’ve been paying the price since I was nine years old when I started. I’ve sacrificed everything, and I would give everything I’ve got – everything, I’d give it all back – to be world champion for one night,” said Sonnen in the show’s opening.

Silva, on the other hand, appeared to be dead set on smashing Sonnen into a million pieces as he’d indicated during a recent conference call. Rather than talk around Sonnen, the Brazilian superstar addressed his foe directly at one point in the show.

“July 7, we’ll resolve this. July 7. All this will be done on the 7th, Chael Sonnen, and you can prove everything you’re saying,” explained Silva. “You’re trying the same as everyone else, and no one’s been successful for years. Even though you respect nobody’s country and you’re a crazy person, you’ll have another chance at me. Enjoy your chance. I have to go eat, okay? I need to go train so I can beat you down.”

Fortunately for fans who forgot about the show or lack Fuel TV, the UFC wasted little time in making the full episode available for online viewing.

Check out the commercial-free video below: