During the build up to UFC 148 the UFC has opted to have Matt Serra visit a few of the featured fighters’ camps to give fans a glimpse of what it takes to be a high-level Mixed Martial Artist. Most recently Serra paid light heavyweight Forrest Griffin a visit where he watched in amusement as his fellow champion prepared for his upcoming tilt with Tito Ortiz.

While it’s likely the UFC intended for the Fight Camp Insider series to be more serious than comical, as most know, when Griffin is involved all bets are off where adhering to a set script is concerned. During the video Serra and Griffin joke about “shrinkage” while the original Ultimate Fighter winner sits in a tub full of ice as well as the state of Griffin’s transportation in addition to other things.

“This is like the inside of Jeffrey Dahmer’s car or something, dude,” Serra cracked after looking into Griffin’s ride. “This is awesome. What the f*ck happened inside here, bro? You play paintball inside this f*ckin thing? A pigeon get let lose in this f*cking thing? Did you jerk off all over your car? This is the car of a serial killer!”

Still catching his breath from laughing, Griffin piped in that the mess is actually from an over-pressurized protein drink.

Check out the comical duo delivering laughs and insight below: