It appears UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture has been dipping into middleweight Chael Sonnen’s Kool-Aid. Couture, who can usually be counted on for an informed opinion and intricate analysis, was recently asked to weigh in on Sonnen’s upcoming fight with Anderson Silva and gave an answer possibly raising a few eyebrows outside of West Linn, Oregon.

“It’s kind of odd. Normally I would say that the onus is on the guy who won the first fight to anticipate the changes the loser is going to make and get the same outcome,” said Couture, a former Team Quest teammate of Sonnen’s, in a conversation with MMAFighting. “It’s guess-work. It’s harder for the guy who won (the first time) in the second fight.”

“If you look at Anderson and Chael, Anderson won by Triangle Choke with two minutes left. He didn’t really win the fight. He got his ass whooped – literally – for four-plus rounds,” Couture explained, elaborating on his initial statement. “But it’s almost like (Sonnen) was the guy that won, cause he wants it to go the same minus the Triangle. He wants to go out, wade through him, take him down repeatedly and beat him up.”

“What is Anderson gonna do,” Couture continued. “He doesn’t wanna get beat up for four rounds and pull it out. He wants it to be a completely different fight. So he’s gonna have to make some adjustments.”

While Couture’s assessment of the matter is correct in terms of the action involved, it also seems a bit disingenuous and disrespectful considering there’s no question Silva definitively won the bout by finishing Sonnen. Fortunately, though the accuracy of Couture’s words can be debated, fans will find out whose gameplan is definitively superior the second time around in a little more than a week when Silva-Sonnen clash in headlining action at UFC 148.