When UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva unleashed his fury on Chael Sonnen earlier this week as part of a conference call promoting their July 7 headliner at UFC 148 the world was left stunned by the typically even-keeled Brazilian’s change in demeanor. However, Sonnen wasn’t fazed by Silva’s actions. In fact, he actually expected to be on the receiving end of Silva’s ire and was pleased to hear it.

“It was nice to see the real Anderson come through. The guy is a dirt bag as I’ve told you for years. It was nice to see it finally come through,” said Sonnen when asked about the matter on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight.

“He made a lot of statements – he’s gonna break my teeth and break my jaw and break my skull. I’ve fought 39 men. It’s not as though I’ve never been to the orthodontist before. It’s not like I’ve never had my jaw reset. It’s not like I’ve never had my scalp stapled shut in the ER,” Sonnen continued. “A couple of things he didn’t say he was gonna do, starting with beating me – starting with breaking my spirit and starting with leaving with the victory – because he’s not.”

Sonnen also addressed whether or not he felt Silva’s behavior indicated a chink in the champion’s armor.

“I don’t care about being in his head. There’s no gamesmanship here. Like I said, it was very nice to see the true Anderson Silva come through. He must’ve thought I’m Vitor Belfort. He must’ve thought he could put on a mask, look down on me, and have me wilt,” explained Sonnen, adding he wasn’t concerned about Silva’s anger and was happy to finally get what he wanted after seeking a true tilt with “The Spider” for the past two years.

Check out the complete interview with Sonnen below preceded by some set-up from the hosts: