Roy Nelson is known for many thing such as being a talented mixed martial artist and having a very underrated ground game. In fact the 35-year-old Nelson is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt and has won submission grappling contests when he was younger. He is also known for his charismatic personality, his Santa Clause like belly, and for speaking his mind.

The Las Vegas native has been fighting professionally for eight years and has been with the UFC since winning TUF 10 in 2009. While his record inside the Octagon has hovered around the .500 mark, he has provided fans with a number of exciting fights and proven himself to be one of the toughest heavyweights on the roster. As testament to that, he is only one of two men who have gone the distance with heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

His first round knockout of Dave Herman at UFC 146 on May 26 showed that “Big Country” still packs a powerful punch and is a tough go for any heavyweight in the sport. The 51-second destruction of Herman earned him an additional $70,000 as he was awarded the Knockout of the Night Bonus. What’s next for Nelson at this point is unknown, but if it was up to him he’d be fighting a former UFC Heavyweight Champion who recently made his way back to the WWE, a place many have envisioned for Nelson once his MMA days are over.

Nelson spoke to Five Ounces of Pain shortly after the fight with Herman and here is what he had to say:

What was the first thing you thought about immediately following your knockout of Herman?

Roy Nelson: The first thing I thought about was the overwhelming support of fans that I have.

Do you feel as though you represent a big part of the MMA fan base because you are not built like a body builder? Do you feel that more fans can relate with you because of that?

RN: I feel fans relate to me because I definitely have the X-Factor. The X-Factor can be many things; honest, funny; entertaining and I can dance like a monkey.

If the UFC made it financially worth your while do you believe you could make the cut to 205 with enough time?

RN: If the UFC wasn’t suffering from this down economy anything can happen with the right doctors, drugs, training and of course money.

How serious do you think Brock Lesnar is about returning to MMA? If he were to return do you believe the UFC would grant your wish and pair the two of you against each other?

RN: I have no idea on if Brock is coming back or if the UFC would actually give me that fight. It is however a fight that I have asked for and have called out Brock for many of times.

You seem to stay relatively injury free. What can you attribute that to?

RN: Drugs. I take a lot of aspirin.

How would you feel about being a coach on The Ultimate Fighter?

RN: I would love to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. I also have heard it is a very lucrative deal being a coach on the show.

Do you think the Cain Velasquez that fought at UFC 146 can beat Dos Santos when they rematch?

RN: I don’t know, but I would definitely pay to watch that fight take place all over again.

If the UFC asked you to give them a list of three fighters for your next fight, who would they be?

RN: This is a question that I can’t answer, but I can tell you I request fights all the time, but they have never given me what they want.

How much longer do you see yourself fighting?

RN: I see myself fighting in the UFC at least three more times. After that I don’t know.

Would you seriously consider becoming a pro wrestler if the opportunity presented itself when your fighting days are over?

RN: The answer is yes, I would consider becoming a pro wrestler while fighting, after fighting and even during this interview.

What do you want to be remembered most for when you hang up your gloves?

RN: I want people to look up to me as a person that they would want to have as a friend and mentor.

Thanks for your time Roy, is there anyone you would to thank or give a shout out to?

RN: I’d like to thank all my fans for their support. Please follow me on Twitter @RoyNelsonMMA and on Facebook at RoyNelsonUFC.