Not much has been heard from former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Jackson since a period in March when he voiced numerous concerns about the way he was being treated by Zuffa brass and pulled out of a planned fight with Mauricio Rua to address a few health-related issues. The 33-year old superstar recently broke his silence in relation to one of his problematic knees, updating fans on his condition and revealing that, assuming all goes to plan, he expects to make his return to the ring before trick-or-treaters hit the streets.

“My doctor said I could run the day after my birthday on June 21 so I can’t wait to get back and start training and see how that knee is feeling and see when my next fight’s gonna be,” explained Jackson in an interview with MMAMania, adding he hadn’t actually torn any ligaments but was showing signs of “fraying”.

“I’m just trying to move forward with my fighting career. My left knee is starting to feel better. I’m not gonna do anything to it just yet. I’m just gonna do my rehab and go from there,” the 32-10 fighter added, joking he would be back in “September or October, we’ll see. I’ve got a lot of weight to lose.”

When “Rampage” does eventually strap his gloves back on and take to the Octagon it will likely be his last fight under the organization’s banner given his personal feelings towards management. He is currently on the first losing streak of his career, dropping back-to-back bouts against Jon Jones and Ryan Bader.