If the UFC schedules an event over New Year’s Eve Weekend, as they’ve done in the past, fans should expect to see heavyweight Alistair Overeem on the card so long as he and his superiors on the same page. Overeem, who is suspended until December 27 after testing positive in March for an elevated T:E level brought on by testosterone use, took to Twitter earlier today to express his interest in fighting before 2012 rolls over into 2013.

“I’ll be fighting again in December and mark my words, I’ll be back to get the belt, sooner rather (than) later,” wrote the 32-year old “Demolition Man”.

Overeem’s failed drug test came in March and cost him a shot at champion Junior dos Santos as well as the respect of countless MMA enthusiasts who had long-speculated on the likelihood of the Dutchman using performance enhancing drugs based on his physique. He later released a statement explaining a doctor had prescribed him a combination of meds, including testosterone, to assist in healing up from an injured rib and that he never actually asked what was in the substance he injected.