Fans can now add UFC icon Rich Franklin to the growing list of fighters associated with the topic of testosterone use. Though the former middleweight champion has not undergone any treatments at this point in his career, “Ace” has already looked into the process of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and is giving it serious consideration.

Franklin spoke openly about the issue earlier today on The MMA Hour where he weighed the pros and cons of hopping on board the TRT train.

“Yeah, I’ve kicked around that idea and everything, and actually I’ve talked to doctors that work with the UFC and the athletic commission in Nevada and all that kind of stuff. And at 37, my count obviously is not what it was when I was 25, and I’m a candidate for that kind of stuff,” explained Franklin on the show, making sure to add that he hadn’t started “yet”.

The 28-6 surefire Hall of Famer’s hesitation at the moment has to due with the conflict between his desire to keep fighting and wariness about going down a road on which there is no reversing course.

“Once you start that process it’s a permanent fixture. Once you start putting those hormones in your body — those synthetic hormones — then your body is not going to produce its own hormones any more, and so you really have to think carefully,” admitted Franklin. “My levels are still decently healthy for a male, but they’re not high enough to continue a prolonged career at a top level for many more years.”

For now it appears the nine-year veteran of the UFC will see how his body holds up against Wanderlei Silva when the two collide on June 23 at UFC 147. Franklin is 2-3 in his last five fights, splitting his last two outings with a knockout of Chuck Liddell and decision loss to Forrest Griffin, but has seen his career stymied by a series of injuries including a torn shoulder labrum keeping him sidelined since October.