Earlier this week UFC middleweight Nick Ring found himself in a situation he’d hoped to never encounter when he stumbled upon a group of high school age teenagers attacking/robbing a couple who were waiting for a bus. Rather than stand idly by and wait for authorities to arrive or someone else to intervene, Ring swallowed any nerves he felt and ran to the scene.

“It was right out of a movie, they were holding him back and beating him up as well,” said Ring of the male victim in an official press release from the UFC. “It was a really horrible thing to see.”

“It was a random act, but from what I saw, it was very violent. I have no tolerance for that type of behavior and I had to even out the playing field,” Ring elaborated.

By the point he arrived the group of attackers had taken off. However, that did little to stop Ring and another individual who decided to pursue them once they’d checked on the bloody/bruised couple. Though some of the group escaped, Ring was able to subdue one of them and call police. He also helped track some of the remaining thugs and lead the cops to them.

In the end three people were arrested and charged with assault. The rest of the group is still being sought.

“The men the police have to face have no honor. I would way rather be an MMA fighter because the men I fight have honor. These guys were just straight up cowards,” concluded Ring.

The 12-1 Ring’s next sanctioned scrap comes on July 21 at UFC 149 in his hometown of Calgary where he’ll face Court McGee. The two fought once before during the Ultimate Fighter Season 11 where Ring scored a decision win but was forced to pull out of the show’s tournament due to an injury, opening the door for eventual champ McGee to return to the competition.