With Kenny Florian’s retirement from fighting official the time has come to look back on the original Ultimate Fighter finalist’s contributions to the UFC and MMA in general. A number of the 36-year old’s peers and personal acquaintances did just that on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight, paying tribute to Florian in a clip both heartfelt and humorous.

Among the group of contributors were Georges St-Pierre, Rashad Evans, Firas Zahabi, Jon Anik, Mike Goldberg, and Florian’s family.

“I’m here to wish you the best of luck in your new life even though I believe you will change your mind sooner or later,” said GSP. “You’re my friend, you’re my true friend. You’ve been there for me, helping me a lot, and I’ll always be there for you as well.”

While many of the messages were uplifting at least one from a surprising source stood out as perhaps the highlight of the entire montage.

“My only advice to Kenny is, in his retirement, is to lay off alcohol, tobacco, and wild women,” joked Florian’s father to the obvious amusement of the former title-contender.

Check out the complete video below: