UFC welterweight Martin Kampmann’s nickname is “The Hitman” based on his ability to take contracted targets out. However, after his last two fights some fans might feel as though the moniker stems from the number of times he gets hit before mounting a comeback to grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

A still-blooded Kampmann acknowledged the perception his recent outings may have created in a post-fight interview on Fuel TV, joking he could employ a new strategy for his next bout.

“Next time I gotta have Ray Sefo knock me out in the back and then when I wake up I’ll go out and be ready to fight,” said Kampmann, referring to one of his coaches before adding a serious note. “Same sh*t everytime…I’ve gotta get away from that habit. That’s a bad habit. That’s not a good move in the long run.”

Though Kampmann is hoping for a title-shot based on Friday night’s knockout of contender Jake Ellenberger he seems to understand the probability of receiving one isn’t high considering the state of the division. Champion Georges St-Pierre is currently rehabbing from injury and will be out until November, while interim king Carlos Condit has remained adamant in his desire to stay sidelined until GSP returns. That essentially leaves Kampmann and 13-1 Johny Hendricks at the top of the heap and possibly destined to duke it out later this year.

“Johny’s a tough guy. I used to train with Johny and I actually like Johny. He’s a good guy and he came out to Vegas. We trained and we hung out for awhile. He’s a good guy and I think we’re gonna put on a helluva fight,” explained Kampmann of the bearded brawler.

Hendricks has won his last four fights including success against Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck, while Kampmann’s effort against Ellenberger was his third straight victory and fifteenth finish in twenty total triumphs.

The full interview with Kampmann can be viewed below: