Like sand through the hourglass, so it appears are the days of B.J. Penn’s retirement.

While the popular Hawaiian’s decision to hang up his gloves after an October loss hasn’t exactly resulted in a soap opera, Penn’s previous interest in remaining sidelined has continued to dwindle over the past few months to the point “The Prodigy” has started hinting at a return. While he is still waffling to an extent, Penn recently admitted he’s leaning towards a comeback at some point as long as all the involved parties are on the same page.

“Right after the fight (with Nick Diaz) I had no interest in fighting but I’m kind of warming up to the idea a little. Everywhere I go, people constantly (say), ‘C’mon man, get back in the ring! Get back in the ring!’ I think what they’re doing is starting to work a little,” revealed Penn on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight, adding he didn’t have a specific timeframe in mind but that, “It ain’t gonna be anytime in the next couple months, that’s for sure.”

If, and more likely when, Penn signs for a future appearance inside the Octagon he won’t be looking for charity but rather a challenge sparking his own desire to compete as well as that of the fans to see the tilt take place.

“I don’t want any ‘freebie’ fights…I would like to put together a fight that would make sense for everybody – for the fighters and for the fans and organization,” said the 33-year old Penn who also isn’t dead set on whether he’ll return at 155 or 170 pounds.

“That’s still up in the air,” Penn admitted. “I could see myself fighting at lightweight again though.”

Penn most recently held a belt in the lightweight division though has shown a personal preference for avoiding the need to shed pounds with his last three bouts coming at 170.

Watch the full interview with Penn below: