On Saturday night UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez reminded the world of why he was recently considered the top fighter in the division with a three-and-a-half minute annihilation of Antonio Silva. Though his spectacular showing in the UFC 146 co-headliner put Velasquez back on the winning track after dropping his title to Junior dos Santos this past November and earned him a second shot at beating the current champion, it was little more than business as usual to the 10-1 star.

“With every fight you want to go out there and show your best, you want to go out there and dominate. That’s how I feel with every fight. Not just this fight in particular but all of them,” explained Velasquez of the bout in a backstage interview with Fuel TV.

As far as the match-up itself, Velasquez revealed his only concern with the amount of blood an elbow strike to Silva’s face produced was performance-based rather than involving him being thrown off by the amount of crimson on the canvas.

“It was slippery,” began Velasquez on the condition of the cage. “Blood doesn’t bother me at all, the smell or whatever – it doesn’t bother me. I was kind of worried about that one spot on the Octagon where there was a lot of (it)…I was just worried about that. Maybe getting my foot on there and me slipping, having him roll me or something.”

Up next for Velasquez is a rematch with Dos Santos though it’s too early to know when they will actually face off. However, it will likely occur sooner than later since “Cigano” was also victorious at UFC 146 and seemingly escaped without injury after a thorough thrashing of Frank Mir.

A full version of the interview with Velasquez can be found below: