Okay, so, the UFC 146 main card is huge – literally. I wonder if the UFC even bothered taking out their usual allotted three-hour slot on PPV, because they’re not going to need it because the violence will be abundant. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Lavar Johnson (17-5) vs. Stefan Struve (23-5)

Something tells me there is no real winner in a bout with Struve. Sure, the kid is young, always improving, etc., but does anyone ever say “Wow! He beat Stefan Struve!” or “Whoa, Struve looked awesome”..? No. The only guaranteed thing is entertainment. Struve can easily win this by submission, but, he has ZERO wrestling skills and Johnson is a huge dude. As such, “The Rock” wins this with fists.

Winner – Lavar Johnson defeats Stefan Struve via Knockout Round 1

Stipe Miocic (8-0) vs. Shane del Rosario (11-0)

In a bout that pits two awesome undefeated heavyweight prospects, the latest Strikeforce import, Del Rosario returns after 15 long months away from the cage. He faces a really tough challenge in Miocic, and unfortunately for Shane ring-rust is a bitch. As such, I think Miocic rocks him and beats him down for fifteen straight minutes.

Winner – Stipe Miocic defeats Shane del Rosario via Unanimous Decision

Dave Herman (21-3) vs. Roy Nelson (16-7)

What a terrible match up for Herman in terms of style! Nelson gets a much needed win here, using his beard to throw off the near hairless Herman, and walking through Herman’s three minutes of offense, to take a very, very ugly Unanimous Decision.

Winner – Roy Nelson defeats Dave Herman via Unanimous Decision

Cain Velasquez (9-1) vs. Antonio Silva (16-3)

Velasquez is not the kind of guy you want to make your UFC debut against. “Bigfoot” has a hell of a jaw, and he can handle himself against some of the best fighters in the division, without a doubt (See: Fedor Emelianenko), but I just see things going all sorts of wrong for him in this bout. Cain is hungry, healthy, and goddamn does he look angry. I fully expect a violent finish here.

Winner – Cain Velasquez defeats Antonio Silva via TKO Round 1

Junior dos Santos (14-1) vs. Frank Mir (16-5)

Mir hates being punched in the face. Good for him he doesn’t have to worry about that against Juni.. oh, damn. Well, it was a good run, Frank. Junior is going to make poor Mir look like he did after he fought Shane Carwin, that is to say, face down counting sheep in the center of the cage. However, I don’t see Mir gutting his way through the adversity like Carwin did. Can Frank pull off some miracle and submit JDS? Yes. Will he? Hell no.

Winner – Junior dos Santos defeats Frank Mir via Knockout Round 1

The main card goes down at the usual 10:00 PM EST on PPV. If you like violence and bad tattoos, then seriously, don’t miss this card. Enjoy the fights!