Heavyweight Cain Velasquez will enter the Octagon for the eighth time when he faces Antonio Silva on Saturday night at UFC 146. However, despite how many times he’s fought under the organization’s banner, he’ll also be stepping into unfamiliar territory after suffering the first loss of his MMA career this past November.

Rather than succumb to the pressure of avoiding back-to-back stumbles or question his own ability, the 29-year old Velasquez has used the defeat as a positive due in large part to his realistic approach to competition.

“I wasn’t thinking that I was going to go through my entire career undefeated. You kind of expect to lose sometimes. It’s the kind of thing that just happens,” explained Velasquez in an interview with the UFC’s website, saying the difference between winning/losing is little more than, “If you were better on that day.”

“In wrestling, I’ve lost matches before and stuff like that, so it’s always a thing where you kind of learn from it,” he continued on the topic of how he’s dealt with his knockout loss to champion Junior dos Santos. “You just watch film but you don’t really keep it with you and always think about it. It’s the kind of thing where you just learn from it right away and then move on.”

As far as what Velasquez is expecting this weekend, other than a victory, the 9-1 competitor appears to be ready for anything given Silva’s rare combination of size, strength, and polished technique.

“‘Bigfoot’ is just a big guy. He has a lot of power, and he does everything well,” admitted Velasquez. “He’s good on the ground, he’s good on his feet with his punches, kicks, and knees, and he has good cardio, so he’s a guy that’s really well rounded everywhere.”

Fans can catch their fight as part of the UFC 146 PPV when things fire up at 10:00 PM EST.