It’s common knowledge Josh Thomson is a 33-year old Strikeforce lightweight who has been plagued by injury issues and may only have a limited number of fights left in him as a result. However, nobody knows exactly how important winning the divisional title this past weekend was to Thomson at this stage in his career better than “The Punk” himself.

Thomson took champion Gilbert Melendez to the limit on Saturday night in their co-headlining clash at the Strikeforce Grand Prix Final and nearly came away with the belt thanks to a spirited performance highlighted by his success while standing and near finish of “El Nino” in the fourth frame. Though Melendez ultimately won a decision some would label as controversial, Thomson seemed content with the result when asked about it after the fight and had no harsh words to offer up on the scoring or his rival’s victory.

“Everyone keeps telling me I got robbed but I don’t really think on that. I just think it was a good performance by both fighters. We gave the crowd what they wanted to see and it seems like everyone was happy. I mean I’m not happy I lost but it was a great fight,” said Thomson in an interview with Showtime, adding he was also pleased to have turned in an entertaining effort on the heels of his self-labeled “sh*tty” showing in an outpointing of K.J. Noons a few months back.

“It just goes back to the old adage that you can’t leave it in the judges’ hands,” continued the 19-5 Thomson. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left it. I should’ve done it myself. I should’ve finished him in the fourth, to be honest, with the Rear-Naked. Had the opportunity and just couldn’t get it done.”

With Melendez unlikely to accept another match-up against Thomson in favor of focusing on new opponents it’s hard to say who the American Kickboxing Academy staple will step in the cage with next. What is certain, however, is the likelihood of Thomson doing his damndest to keep it exciting even if he comes up short in the end.

Check out the full interview with Thomson below: