When Jason “Mayhem” Miller signed with the UFC last year he entered the organization with a good deal of hype surrounding his ability to entertain both inside and outside of the Octagon. However, while Miller lived up to the second half of the deal as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter, the 31-year old did little to impress come showtime at the season’s finale when he faced Michael Bisping.

The ensuing strike-based stoppage Miller suffered has stuck with him since, opening his eyes and causing him to approach an upcoming fight with C.B. Dollaway in a new way despite the decade of success behind him.

“I told (Dana) if I put on a show like that again, I’m quitting. That was ridiculous,” reflected Miller on his loss to Bisping in an interview with the UFC’s website. “That wasn’t me out there; that wasn’t me. I threw that fight away, and so it’s up to me to go ahead and really make a statement on the 26th. The best thing that ever happened to me is me getting beat up by Michael Bisping because I’ve approached my entire career in a completely different light.”

When Miller meets Dollaway at UFC 146 the bout won’t receive the PPV rub “Mayhem” may be used to given his popularity but the diminished attention doesn’t both him as much as it might have in the past. Rather, his focus is on one thing – beating Dollaway in dominating fashion.

“I don’t care where it is on the card. I don’t care if I’m fighting him in the back parking lot, Structure C; I’m going to fight just as hard. I’m going to knock his fart-face off, and I’m going to send him packing. There’s no way around it,” explained an excited Miller. “There’s a stark contrast between me and him. You can see that I’m mentally tough, and I’m a bit of a masochist, so I’ll take the abuse, and go through it. When the going gets tough, this guy quits, and I’m gonna make him quit.”

Miller holds an overall record of 23-8 with nineteen finishes including past wins over Tim Kennedy and Robbie Lawler, while Dollaway is 11-4 in his career and has compiled five victories in the UFC since his stint on TUF.