In case you hadn’t heard, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen (27-11-1) is not too fond of divisional champion Anderson Silva (31-4). Whether discussing the Brazilian’s style or substance, Sonnen rarely has anything nice say about Silva and is often happy to say it. However, when it comes to his intense dislike of “The Spider” it turns out Sonnen’s beef is not necessarily a personal one but rather a matter of professional status.

“I don’t want his autograph. I want to spit on him. I want everything that he has. I’m jealous and I’m envious. And I would never apologize for that,” explained Sonnen of Silva in a recent interview with MMA: 30. “There can only be one champion, and you have to fight it out. He’s not gonna give it up. I’m not going to give it up. We’re going to have to fight this thing out and figure it out like men.”

The two talented 185ers will settle their score on July 7 at UFC 148. The meeting will mark the second time the two have fought with the first involving Silva’s infamous submission of Sonnen in the fight’s final few minutes after clearly losing the four previous frames.

Sonnen expects a different result this time around, and not just because he plans to win but also because he’ll be entering the match-up with a new nugget of knowledge. According to Sonnen, who explained away the loss as only he could, he simply didn’t realize tapping in the last round of a title-fight ended the entire affair rather than cost him a single stanza.

“If anyone had explained to me that that stops the fight in its entirety, I would not have tapped. … I’d never been in a five round fight, I just didn’t know,” said a stone-faced Sonnen, stating he was under the impression he would go home with the belt based on a 4-1 score.

Silva has fought twice since their original outing, picking up a pair of stoppages against Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami. Comparably, Sonnen is also 2-0 with a submission of Brian Stann and razor-thin decision over Michael Bisping.