The UFC’s ambitious all-heavyweight PPV card is a little over a week away from unfolding in Las Vegas and the ride has been a smooth one since things initially hit a speedbump with Alistair Overeem’s suspension for an elevated T:E ratio.

Now, with the match-ups all firmly planted in place, as part of the final build towards the May 26 show a quartet of competitors attached to UFC 146 will be sitting down with media to participate in a conference call promoting the event. Joining the festivities will be champion Junior dos Santos, top contender Frank Mir, former title-holder Cain Velasquez, and newly-signed Strikeforce scrapper Antonio Silva.

The call starts at 1:00 PM EST and, as usual, Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in to relay highlights back to readers as they occur on the line.

Read below for a breakdown featuring any scintillating soundbytes or noteworthy nuggets of info that surface:

Junior dos Santos

– Stands by what he says, thinks that Mir lacks heart and is not just trying to talk trash or sell the fight
– Is ready to go five rounds, doesn’t approach fights expecting to score a quick knockout
– “Minotauro” Nogueira only offered minimal advice on the fight despite his past experience with Mir

Frank Mir

– Hasn’t really thought much about Dos Santos’ comments about being a “man” and saying he “quit” against Shane Carwin
– Thinks his style is perfectly suited for someone who fights like Dos Santos, has been working hard on wrestling and feels very comfortable with his striking
– Feels original opponent Velasquez is more of a threat than Dos Santos based on his well-roundedness
– Jokes about some of the hate mail he received after betting Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, talked about JDS passing on a promotional meeting because of pressure from Brazilian fans

Cain Velasquez

– Feels he’s peaking at a perfect time, says his camp was one of the best he’s had
– Talks about Silva’s size/power, thinks he does everything well
– Hasn’t had to change his training up much since he’s always working on every facet of the game

Antonio Silva

– Is in great shape, only weighs 270 pounds this far out from a fight for the first time in his career
– Disappointed he isn’t in the Grand Prix final and won’t be watching the fight this weekend
– Mentions Carwin as someone he’s interested in facing