It didn’t take long for word to spread about Nick Diaz’s decision to skip a heavily advertised jiu-jitsu match scheduled for Saturday night with the news since resulting in an overflow of opinions on how the controversial competitor handled the matter. Diaz, who was set to take on highly-touted blackbelt Braulio Estima, avoided informing anyone of his plans prior to pulling out and has yet to explain his behavior.

One person whose jaw didn’t drop at the notion of Diaz flaking was UFC President Dana White, citing his own experiences with the former Strikeforce champion in a post on Twitter addressing the situation.

“No, not shocked and I’m surprised u people are! He no showed a Las Vegas press conf to a fight he was gonna make HUGE $ and title,” wrote White in reference to Diaz’s actions leading up to UFC 137 where he was supposed to fight Georges St-Pierre. Diaz missed two press conferences, the latter of which was in Las Vegas, and was replaced in the bout by Carlos Condit.

“People are f***in nuts and braindead to be OUTRAGED and SHOCKED that Nick no showed something,” White added candidly.

Independent of his aspirations on the mat as a submission-grappler it also remains to be seen if Diaz will ever return to the Octagon. He is currently facing a possible suspension due to marijuana use and has stood relatively firm on his surprising retirement a few months back.