The legend of Nick Diaz grew last night, though not necessarily in a positive manner, after the controversial competitor played the role of absentee in a much-hyped BJJ superfight with decorated grappler Braulio Estima. The two were scheduled to serve as the main event in a series of matches at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo with their purses being donated to charity.

Problems first arose when Estima had difficulty making weight on Friday night, upsetting Diaz. However, Estima hit his required mark on Saturday morning and things seemed to be back on track. However, for unknown reasons at this point, Diaz ultimately decided to pass on their bout without informing anyone and hasn’t be heard from since.

An alternate was brought out to face Estima though the visibly upset submission-specialist passed on the opportunity, saying he came to face Diaz and Diaz only. He also added he would be willing to fight Diaz under MMA rules in the future since the 28-year old was apparently not willing to take him on in BJJ.

Those closest to Diaz have since gone online to comment on the matter with none revealing his location or reasoning though younger brother Nate Diaz offered up some possible insight on why his sibling may have skipped the scrap, taking to Twitter this morning and reaffirming issues with Estima’s difficulty on the scale, writing, “Braulio didn’t show up on weight the day of weigh ins knowing he had pull? WTF?”