It’s not uncommon for fans to rant and rave in response to questionable scoring. In fact, decisions dating back years still invoke an emotional response. Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill, anyone?

However, in relation to last weekend’s three-rounder between Johny Hendricks and Josh Koscheck at UFC on FOX 3 there hasn’t been any sort of uproar despite what many felt was a minor robbery. Whether based on his heelish personality or having won a controversial decision in his previous effort, for the most part the MMA community let it slide Koscheck was arguably more deserving of the judges’ nod than Hendricks.

As you might expect, Koscheck has not forgotten about the outcome so quickly.

“Just watched the fight again. First and third round were mine. Maybe a rematch five-round fight this time? What you say Hendricks,” asked Koscheck through Twitter.

The 13-1 Hendricks has not addressed Koscheck’s challenge yet though it seems unlikely he will oblige. With the victory on FOX he improved his current streak to four in a row and is likely a win away from solidifying a crack at the divisional title.