UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre might seem invincible at times inside the Octagon but as fans learned a few months back he is indeed a mortal man outside of it. Though GSP is currently busy rehabbing a serious knee injury in hopes of returning to the ring in November it turns out he’ll also be looking over his shoulder on a constant basis to avoid the possibility of finding himself in a different sort of surgical theater.

You know…the kind with probes.

Kenny Florian, who is St-Pierre’s training partner and also a fellow UFC fighter, recently revealed the pound-for-pound great has a legitimate fear of alien abduction.

“There’s a little known fact about Georges St-Pierre and, sorry Georges, he is deathly afraid of aliens. This guy is very scared of being abducted by aliens,” said Florian on a segment for UFC Tonight. “We’d always try and tell him a story, have someone come in and say they were once abducted by aliens to really freak Georges out. That’s one of his big fears.”

“I’m dead serious,” Florian continued. “This is Georges biggest fear. He is probably the best fighter in the world and he’s afraid of aliens.”

Check out the full clip from Florian below where he also talks about GSP’s stand against bullying and his own introduction to martial arts: