Last night’s episode of the Ultimate Fighter 15 featured a number of memorable moments including perhaps the coolest coaches’ challenge of all time. Rather than have team-heads Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz battle it out on a basketball court, soccer field, or ping-pong table, UFC President Dana White brought both bantamweights out to the Nevada desert to test their marksmanship skills with the assistance of U.S. Marines.

Both men were required to go through an obstacle course involving a handful of physical tasks (a rope-climb, tire-flip, etc.) with each being followed by weapon/target. Guns ranged from a pistol all the way up to a grenade launcher! Adding to the stakes, the winning coach was set to receive $20,000 instead of the standard $10,000 as well as $1,500 for each member of his team. Come showtime, Cruz started out with an early lead but saw Faber overtake him about 2/3 of the way through the challenge and could never make up the time difference despite an extremely close finish.

As far as the show’s live fight, Andy Ogle (Team Faber) was able to take out Mike Rio (Team Cruz) via submission after wearing the highly-touted Floridian down with movement/defense. The finish came after Ogle worked his way out of a precarious position to find himself on top of Rio, transitioning onto his back during an attempt to stand and sinking in a Rear-Naked Choke.

“Ogle has been a fun project ever since he stepped foot into the house. He has a great attitude and works hard. In this fight he showed a lot of the stuff we’ve been working on, and that he has gotten better every day,” said Faber of his pupil.

The first two quarterfinal fights were announced after the bout with both set to take place on next week’s episode with the match-ups being Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa and James Vick vs. Joe Proctor.

TUF 15 Season Summary:

Cruz’s Team: Justin Lawrence, Sam Sicilia, Myles Jury, Mike Rio, James Vick, Vinc Pichel, Chris Tickle, Jeremy Larsen

Faber’s Team: Al Iaquinta, Cristiano Marcello, Daron Cruickshank, Joe Proctor, Michael Chiesa, John Cofer, Andy Ogle, Chris Saunders

Team Records: Faber 5, Cruz 3

Advancing to Semifinal:

Eliminated: Daron Cruickshank, Cristiano Marcello, Myles Jury, Jeremy Larsen, Chris Tickle, John Cofer, Sam Sicilia, Mike Rio