Iconic Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko is a man of few words, opting for humility rather than constant self-promotion. As such, it’s rare to hear his thoughts on any number of topics including those he’s directly involved with.

However, Emelianenko recently addressed a few matters while being interviewed at a European fitness conference, and though his responses weren’t necessarily detailed he certainly got his point across including those on the differences between M-1 Global and UFC.

“They make their own fighters,” said Emelianenko of the UFC to GNP TV after one of the most tense dramatic pauses in MMA-interview history. “They train their own guys and don’t buy established fighters.”

“We’ll see,” he continued when asked if he was completely done considering the possibility of competing inside the Octagon one day down the road.

Check out the full interview below where Emelianenko also offers up his thoughts on future opponent Pedro Rizzo, trash-talking in MMA, and the quality of fighters outside of the UFC: