With a nickname like “Rush” it makes sense that UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre is in a hurry to get back inside the Octagon after an extended absence brought on by pair of knee injuries. However, the more-serious of the two – a complete ACL tear – occurred for that exact reason. St-Pierre, who was working through a smaller affliction in his other knee, overcompensated in the training room and shredded his ligament.

St-Pierre updated fans on his condition this week during a segment on Ultimate Insider documenting his rehabilitation from surgery to repair his knee including interviews with the UFC star’s doctor and physical therapist.

“I feel like I (was) just reborn. I can’t wait to be back and I’ll be better than ever because of it,” explained the 30-year old champion. “I feel sometimes I want to do a little bit more, push through the pain and try to go fast.”

However, after learning his lesson in 2011 where the recovery process is concerned, St-Pierre has no problem being patient this time around.

“The most dangerous thing is to come back too fast and re-injure it again so I need to step back sometime. So even though I feel good and I want to do more I have to do less and follow the protocol.”

St-Pierre closed the conversation by assuring the public he’s ahead of schedule and vowed he will fight before the year’s end. He is expected to face interim title-holder Carlos Condit in November at a Montreal event where the two will unify the belts.

Check out the full segment below titled “Rebuilding a Champion”: