One of the names that will always be synonymous with MMA is undoubtedly Chuck Liddell. The former UFC light heavyweight champ is as iconic as they come in the sport based on his heavy-handed style and unique look. However, while Liddell may be associated with the Octagon as long as the UFC is around, he’ll likely never set foot inside the infamous eight-sided structure again.

Liddell was asked about his retirement by Fuel TV last weekend after UFC 145 and “The Iceman” clearly seemed content in his current life, welcoming a new daughter recently while keeping his eye on things as both a fan and Zuffa executive.

“It was a hard decision to make…to retire…but it came down to…it wasn’t that I couldn’t compete with guys. I had two problems. I can’t quite take a punch like I used to and I didn’t want to change my style. I mean I could. I could start wrestling and trying to control (opponents), take less chances, but then I still got the chance of getting hit hard,” said Liddell on the subject. “I wanted to go out fighting the way I like to fight – exciting and fun.”

“The only thing that would even make me think about coming back is if they gave me a shot at the title,” he playfully continued before adding a serious note, stating, “I don’t want to come back as a sideshow.”

The 42-year old Liddell lost five of his last six fights including four by way of knockout. However, despite his slide, throughout the bulk of his career he was one of the most feared competitors in the game, holding an overall record of 21-8 with thirteen strike-based stoppages and wins over Tito Ortiz, Wanderlei Silva, and Randy Couture.

Watch the full interview below where he also offers up his assessment on current 205-pound champion Jon Jones: