The MMA world finally received some closure in the month-long saga surrounding Alistair Overeem showing an extraordinarily high level of testosterone in his system after being randomly screened by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The failed drug test cost Overeem his crack at Junior dos Santos’ heavyweight championship in May, as well as tarnished his reputation, and will now put him on the sidelines until 2013.

Overeem met with the NSAC on Tuesday to address the issue and explain his side of the story. The regulatory board initially rejected his team’s request for a continuance in hopes of strengthening their case before ultimately deciding to rule he would be ineligible for a license in the State for nine months from the date of his transgression (March 27-December 27).

As expected, Overeem stated he unknowingly injected the testosterone after his doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory containing the substance to assist with a rib injury. The physician, Dr. Hector Molina, was also in attendance and corroborated the Dutchman’s story with one exception, saying he recalled revealing testosterone being in the mixture of drugs Overeem used.

Shortly after the hearing, startling news came to light regarding Dr. Molina’s past including multiple criminal charges related to theft/assault, documented cases of surgical malpractice, and prescribing drugs online, including anabolic steroids, for patients he’d never met. For the latter he was fined $25,000 and had restrictions placed on his practice for three years.