A little over a month ago the UFC injected some humorous insight into the world by bringing affable light heavyweights Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar together for a segment on the organization’s weekly Ultimate Insider program. During the segment topics ranged from champions Dominick Cruz and Jon Jones to the benefits of being a “jerk”.

Griffin and Bonnar were back at it on this week’s episode where they discussed some of their favorite UFC moments featuring familiar faces Dana White, Joe Rogan, and Mike Goldberg.

“I used to love it when (Rogan) used to pull out these imaginary terms for jiu-jitsu that him and Eddie Bravo figured out,” explained Griffin with one of his trademark grins.

“I don’t even know what he’s talking about – there’s the escalator, there’s the one-eyed donkey,” joked Bonnar back.

“I want to invent a move just to come up with some names like that,” an animated Griffin replied.

Check out the full video below including a funny story from Bonnar on busting Goldberg after the announcer had sold him out to a hotel cleaning person, their appreciation for White’s infamous “Do you wanna be a fighter?” speech, and more: