Given the overwhelming success of UFC on Fuel 2, a relatively small event in the big picture still drawing 15,000+ this weekend to an arena in Stockholm, in addition to the 10+ million viewers TUF Brasil is drawing weekly, it appears the UFC would be wise to amp up their plans for international expansion and will do just that this year with the addition of multiple Ultimate Fighter seasons in a variety of countries.

UFC President Dana White discussed the plan during the post-event presser for yesterday’s card in Sweden where he mentioned specific designs on a handful of intriguing locales.

“Well, the next Ultimate Fighter that we’re working on, whichever one ends up going first, is going to be India,” said White of his organization tapping one of the biggest markets in Asia with TUF India. “We’re doing one in Australia which will probably be Australia vs. the U.K. Doing Canada, doing the Philippines, I think, and god knows whatever else pops up over the next couple of months.”

No weights or coaches have been attached to any of the upcoming seasons though recently victorious bantamweight Brad Pickett expressed his interest in taking the reins of the United Kingdom’s team against Australia to which White replied, “You just might,” based on the Brit’s performance against Damacio Page at UFC on Fuel 2.