In case you hadn’t already heard, it turns out UFC light heavyweights Jon Jones and Rashad Evans aren’t very fond of each other. The former training partners’ relationship started rapidly dissolving last year after Jones entertained the idea of facing then-teammate Evans in a way “Sugar” ‘Shad didn’t appreciate. Now, after countless clashes in the media and a handful of heated exchanges the talented 205ers will finally meet in a week at UFC 145.

However, before they settle their score inside the Octagon, divisional champ Jones and top contender Evans are set to link up today at 2:00 PM EST on a conference call with media where fireworks on the line are essentially guaranteed. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be listening in throughout and reporting highlights/soundbytes as they unfold on the line.

Read below for a breakdown of action from today’s call:

Jon Jones

– Says the lead up to the fight hasn’t been as exhausting as the build to his bout with Quinton Jackson based on his integrity having been questioned (based on allegations of spying)
– Has no issue with anything he’s said about Evans thus far
– Wouldn’t be opposed to rekindling his friendship with Evans but he wants respect first
– Life hasn’t changed much for him since winning the title
– Feels he’s almost impossible to gameplan for based on how diverse his striking is, jokes that Greg Jackson told him they could send Evans tape of him training and it still wouldn’t help him
– Doesn’t regret his original comments about being open to fight Evans a year ago, bothered the media focused on all the negative things he said about Evans instead of the positive ones; would have said the same stuff to Evans’ face
– Avoids getting caught up in drama relating to MMA and talks about the obvious emotional investment Evans has
– Will be sponsored by the UFC for his fight and in the future / Rumored to have an option out if a major athletic line like Nike comes calling
– Starts recounting a story that Evans disagrees with and cuts off / “You’re in your mid-thirties and you’re so rude, dude!”
– Isn’t striving to be Muhammad Ali, just to be the best Jon Jones he can be

Rashad Evans

– Is tired of talking about Jones and Greg Jackson / “It’s to the point where I just wanna fight.”
– Recalls training with Jones as a positive experience, saying they had fun
– Has no regrets about anything he’s said referring to Jones and that nothing has crossed the line / “I’ve spoken my heart.”
– Doesn’t ever see himself being best friends with Jones but doesn’t imagine any bad blood after they settle their score
– Feels the only difference between this fight and other big bouts he’s been in is the emotional aspect
– Thinks Jones’ original interview was just the beginning of their problem and doesn’t think anything would have changed with/without the comments / “Who cares about that interview? It’s about what he said before and how he really feels. Jon never wanted to be teammates or like brothers.”
– Won’t bring someone like Jones into the Blackzillian camp to avoid situations similar to the one with Jones
– Said Jackson did what he wanted to do in terms of bringing in Jones in as a means of boosting his own status
– Doesn’t feel he’s reached his peak yet but is approaching it
– Not concerned about insight Jackson provides on him based on how little they actually worked together