It may sound funny to outsiders but to truly excel in Mixed Martial Arts an individual has to be somewhat of a masochist, enjoying the blood, sweat, and tears turned in daily while training to become the best fighter possible. When the process feels more like work than pleasure it typically shows in an athlete’s performance, a fact TUF 12 winner Jonathan Brookins can attest to.

When he meets Charles Oliveira inside the Octagon he’ll do with the same mentality leading to his opening round knockout of Vagner Rocha in February, though one he didn’t obtain easily as you might expect.

“I feel like losing to (Erik) Koch taught that I need to fight,” admitted Brookins of his 2011 stumble to the Roufusport product in an interview with Fightline. “Before that I think I thought I could just get away with coasting in there and just holding somebody down. I wasn’t in a good place mentally before that fight, but that was a great wake up call!”

Now, with a new mindset, Brookins feels unstoppable and plans to prove it on June 1 when he takes on “Do Bronx”.

“If I am not enjoying training and I am not giving it my all, then everything is meaningless,” said Brookins, also adding he had made some changes in his personal life where his camp was concerned and loving his chosen professional endeavor more than ever as a result.

As good as Oliveira may be, it also appears Brookins is not necessarily worried about anything he offers. However, rather than his indifference being a matter of disrespect, it’s actually quite the opposite as the 26-year old is simply is too thrilled with challenging himself against someone like “Do Bronx” to fret about anything else.

“No concerns about Oliveira, just excitement because I think he is one heck of a fighter,” Brookins exclaimed on his upcoming opponent.

Brookins holds an overall record of 13-4 with a 2-1 record under the UFC banner. Eleven of his wins have involved some form of finish including eight by way of submission.