As excited as fans are to finally see light heavyweight champ Jon Jones defend his title against former training partner Rashad Evans it appears both fighters are equally anxious to settle their score inside a cage. And, though the championship may be highly sought after, the personal satisfaction of beating the other seems to outweigh the value of any metal trinket given the animosity between the two.

Those feelings boiled over this week on Ultimate Insider when Jones and Evans came together to address the plethora of issues surrounding their April 21 scrap at UFC 145. Among the topics discussed in the segment were Greg Jackson’s decision to corner Jones, a fact “Bones” brought up was in part related to Evans’ negative remarks about the team.

“The history? I made that history. What are you talking about? I’m the one that helped make the history,” responded Evans after Jones mentioned he’d “bashed” Jackson MMA’s reputation. “You came into it. Don’t talk about the history when you have no roots in the history. I helped make Greg Jackson. I helped to make them the reason why you even wanted to come there and train. So don’t talk to me about the history of the team, bro. Don’t talk about the history of that program because motherfu*ker I made that program!”

Later in the conversation Jones also addressed Evans’ overwhelming confidence in his ability to win their fight based on the knowledge he gained while the two were teammates, smirking at the notion of Evans having any clue as to what he was working on more than a year after their split.

“Trust me, I know the ways I can lose and I’m training for that. You don’t think I’m training extensively on my bottom game and my takedown defense? You don’t know if I’m gonna shoot on you or if it’s gonna be a fake shot. You don’t know what you’re getting into. So you can say what you want but I KNOW just as much as you THINK that you know,” stated Jones on the matter while adding Evans was flat out “weird” based on the nature of his comments.

The remarks didn’t phase Evans who said other opponents had studied him as well and still come up short.

“When you’re in there with me I get you to skip to my Lou and you WILL skip to my Lou,” replied Evans confidently to Jones’ assessment.

Check out the first half of the interview with the second piece likely being made available later this week: