The origin of the heated rivalry between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones is commonly linked to an interview where “Bones” expressed his openness to fighting then-teammate Evans if asked to do so by the UFC. While the 24-year old’s approach certainly aggravated the situation, according to Evans the seeds had already been planted based on an earlier exchange with Jones’ words simply causing a minor issue to blossom into a full-fledged problem.

Evans addressed the matter along with a number of other topics on a UFC Primetime special documenting the build towards his crack at winning Jones’ light heavyweight championship in a few weeks at UFC 145.

“He has a book of notes that he takes, like a book of moves. And he reads this book of moves so that when he fights the moves are fresh in his head. So I go over there in the locker room to wish him luck,” began Evans on the true origin of his falling out with Jones.

“I’m giving him daps and hugs. I’m going to warm him up,” he continued. “And I go and sit next to him when he’s looking at the book of notes and he covers it, he puts it down, and he looks at me. I’m like, ‘Damn, brotha? It’s like that? For real?’ So then I knew at that point I was next on the menu.”

However, as might be expected, Jones sees things differently than Evans, saying his former training partner has manufactured much of the involved drama based on his own inability to hold down his claim to the divisional belt.

“Rashad was the one who got bypassed through hard work. He was the one who needed to find a way to challenge me for the light heavyweight championship. And that’s why Coach (Greg) Jackson, Coach (Mike) Winkeljohn, and everyone on this team is backing me to the fullest in this fight – because I’ve done nothing wrong,” explained Jones.

Thanks to the UFC, fans who missed the original airing can now watch the episode of UFC Primetime online. Check it out below: