Middleweight Anthony Johnson (10-4) knows what’s on the mind of most fans when it comes to his current status. Rather than wondering about what he’s working on for his next fight or how his training in general has gone, the question he fields most often pertains to his weight.

While he’s not dishing out any numbers at the moment, Johnson understands the curiosity surrounding his oft-strained relationship with the scale. After all, he missed his required mark multiple times in the UFC and was handed his walking papers after the most recent transgression this past January. However, while the public may be fascinated by the topic, Johnson himself isn’t obsessed with the issue because there’s nothing he can do to change things having already happened.

“I can’t hold onto the past or my mistakes. I’ve got to learn from them and keep moving. I can’t let that stuff haunt me because once it haunts you I don’t think you’ll ever get over it,” said the 28-year old Johnson in an interview with MMAJunkie Radio. “I try not to have too many regrets in my life. I have a few, but when it comes down to fighting, I don’t have any. No point. The bad stuff ain’t paying my bills.”

One of primary forces driving Johnson at the moment is his desire to return to the Octagon down the road and redeem himself. Still, as much as he wants to show the world what he’s made of on the sport’s biggest stage, “Rumble” knows he’ll have to earn an opportunity to do so that’s anything but a given.

“Of course my ultimate goal is to get back in the UFC, but I’m with Titan right now, so I can’t think about anything else,” Johnson explained. “I’ve just got to think about who I’m with and who I have to compete against. I’ve just got to be ready for David Branch. I’m not thinking about who is in the UFC or what the UFC is doing. When my time comes, it will come.”

Johnson fights fellow UFC veteran Branch (10-2) in the main event of Titan FC 22 on May 25. The event will be broadcast live on HDNet for those outside of the Kansas City area not able to attend live.